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Passion brought us here.

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We believe in empowering the cannabis community through research. The cannabis brands of tomorrow rely on feedback from consumers to improve their products, services and marketing. We believe that the new era of cannabis will be shaped by the people who use it and love it.
The Green Time is a cannabis-focused research community, created to gather open and honest feedback from its members about cannabis products and services. By joining The Green Time, and sharing your thoughts and opinions, you'll be helping to ensure that cannabis brand can evolve to meet the needs of their customers. For every research study you participate in, we'll reward you for your time in the form of points that you can cash out for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart and many more.
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Committed to Moving the Industry Forward
Our cannabis research has been featured in Mg Magazine and Marijuana Ventures.
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We’re excited to learn more about you–

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